Aspire Minican Kit [Turquoise]

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Aspire Minican Kit - The Aspire Minican Pod Kit is here to provide a low cost, low profile, stealth vape solution for one and all. The Minican offers 5 colour options. The device is small yet ultra modern delivering great performance for something so stealthy.
The Aspire Minican pods are 2ml and come pre-loaded with a new 1.2ohm Mesh coil. The flavour and experience is on the money and yet its so affordable to maintain. The Pods are held in place perfectly via a magnetic connection. These means zero connection issues or losing the pod. Pods are easily filled by the port on its base. No mess or fuss at all with this easy system.
Built with ease of use in mind the Aspire Minican has no buttons to press or settings to worry about. The Minican Auto Draw feature works like a dream, delivering flavour and throat hit every time you inhale on the device. The mouthpiece is comfortable and feels very natural to use.

Package Content

1 Aspire Minican 350mAh Pod Device
1 Aspire Minican 2ml Refillable Pod
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 User Manual